Early January Birthday Party

Published : 04/01/2009 07:50:08
Categories : Seasonal Parties

The birthday of my younger brother's wife is on January 5th. This makes for some interesting family get-together's around Christmas time. We are not all together very often, and as the family has grown it becomes even more of a challenge. We often celebrate Christmas, New Year's, and Jill's birthday all as one big early January Birthday party.

We tend not to have many New Year's decorations, but the host's house is always well decorated for Christmas. Since Bob and Jill got married twelve years ago, our Christmas decorations often include a Happy Birthday inflatable balloon as well as an anniversary balloon too. All of the kid's are under the age of ten, so they have been raised with these odd little decorations among the rest of the Christmas themed party supplies and items and do not think much of it at all.

Of course, we adults have no problem with an extra party. The challenge my immediate family has, however, has to do with gifts. Jill is a bit of a strange bird, and we struggle with what to get for her. Finding the right Christmas gift is hard. My wife and I give her something for her birthday. She is godmother to our daughter, so we get something from Jane to Jill. To make matters worse, again for me at least, Jill does not like impersonal gifts. She prefers that we think deeply about her, what she likes and what she does not like. No simple gift card, or cash, for Aunt Jill.

Every year we face this conundrum. Every year we swear that we will prepare better next year. Every year we find ourselves scrambling at the last minute to find the appropriate gifts for her, and not spoil the party. You would think that, by now, we would have this figured out. We don't. Christmas has been and gone, and we are still not prepared for the January birthday party. At least there are some great sales.

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