Easter Egg Hunt Party

Published : 03/03/2009 06:37:46
Categories : Seasonal Parties

I don't know what it's like where you live, but in my little corner of the world it is still very cold, and there is still snow on the ground. It feels like I should be thinking about sitting in front of the fire, trying to stay warm. Instead, when I look at the calendar, I know that Easter is just around the corner. Instead of staying inside by the fire, I have to start figuring out where I can hide Easter eggs for the egg hunt party.

This used to be a fairly simple procedure when the kids were younger. Now that they are eight and five and have friends at our egg hunt party, it has gotten much harder. They remember where I stashed the eggs in the past, and check those spots first. It is a lot harder now to hide the eggs when my kids and their cousins of friends have better memories than I have.

I like to take the large, coloured plastic eggs and add a toy or Harribo inside. I'll get a selection of party bag fillers and put a single item inside each egg. Then I'll hide the eggs where some part of the egg is still exposed, so the kids at least have a shot at finding them. I like to keep the egg hunt party outside, in the back garden, and if we still have some snow on the ground at that time '’ll half bury a few in the snow. I'll set them behind flowers, tree stumps, and in shrubs, as long as the kids can still reach them. I don't ever want to have a kid get hurt trying to climb a tree to get an egg, but weird and obscure places - that's defiantly allowed.

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