Edible Fairy Wands for Your Party

Published : 08/04/2009 18:12:10
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Who wouldn't find edible fairy wands for your party a new and exciting party supply? It’s certainly not your run of the mill party bag favor, and kids (little kids and grown up kids) really find them a fun treat. They are easy treats that keep your little party goers interested in more than just the birthday cake at the end of the party. Fairy wands, which can also become sorcerer wands for the boys who don't feel like being fairies, make an edible toy to keep your parties new and fresh.

Putting a party together can be a lot of work. And while most of us don't need a grand entourage of thanks, it is rewarding to watch your party guests really appreciate the effort that you put forward. Edible fairy wands do the trick pretty much every time. These are the perfect little compliment to Disney Princess party bags and other princess or Fairy party products that are easy and fun to make.

You should whip up your edible fairy wands the day before your party. A simple bread stick that is coated in a thick, heavy icing and decorated with sprinkles kicks off the fairy wands. From there, you can add either edible stars or silver baubles to create the perfect finish. Place the decorated wands on grease proof paper and just leave them to cool and set overnight in the fridge. In the morning, you can distribute your edible fairy wands adding some to party bags and the rest to your party buffet. Watch as your lovingly prepared fairy wands magically disappear before your very eyes!

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