Eight Points To Consider When Choosing Children's Party Bags

Published : 01/05/2012 19:40:37
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Eight Points To Consider When Choosing Children's Party BagsNo children's birthday party is complete without of course giving away party bags stuffed full of goodies to every single child who is gracious enough to turn up! But getting the children's party bags ready is no easy task, and in fact even before you think about filling them, there are several points to consider before even choosing them. We have an enormous range of children's party bags and believe we know a thing or two about choosing the right one for a child's birthday party. So here is our quick rundown of eight points which you will probably find it helpful to consider when it comes to making the decision about the loot bags for your child's party.


Some children's party bags have a space on the front where you can write the name of the child to whom the bag will be given. This is particularly useful if you intend to place prizes won by the children in games throughout the party into their own respective bags. It also makes it much easier at the end of the party when you're handing out bags, because you know exactly who has received a bag, and who hasn't. This avoids the otherwise necessary running about trying to work out whether everybody has got a bag, and why some children appear to have two or three.


Some party bags have built-in handles, and some don't. Whether or not handles are useful will depend partly upon the sort of things you're likely to be putting in the bags, as well as the age of the children. If you're putting fairly delicate things in the bags such as a cup or mug, cake or otherwise potentially fragile items you may feel that having handles is an advantage. On the other hand it is also the case that the handle can potentially reduce the size of the bag itself. Small children will find it easier to carry a bag with handles, whereas older children will be fine with or without.


Some people tend to buy party bags first and then decide afterwards what to put in them. This isn't always the best way round, and can end up forcing you to spend more money on smaller items whereas you may have been able to save money by buying fewer larger items. Think about your budget first, and about the number of children to whom bags will be given. Try to have an idea of how many gifts will be in each bag, and how large the gifts will be, and then choose the bag which fits the contents.


Will your party bags be complete before the beginning, or will you be adding prizes to the party bags for those children who win games? If you intend to add the prizes to each child's party bag, which can be a good idea because otherwise they do tend to go missing, then it's important to make sure that you think about the amount of space left in each party bag after the other gifts have been put in, as well as allowing a space on the front of each bag for the child's name.


Do you want children to be able to see at a glance exactly what is inside their loot bag, or do you want it to be a bit of a surprise? You may not have considered this point, but it is a valid one nonetheless because some party bags are completely opaque, whereas others such as the organza bags which we stock allow you to see right through them. Some bags such as our cellophane bags actually come with twist ties, which means that not only can you not see inside the bag, but they're not easy to quickly open and peek inside either.


Is your child having a themed birthday party? If so then you may wish to have themed party bags, and for popular themes such as dinosaurs, Scooby Doo, Doctor Who, pirates, Disney Princess, Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Tank Engine and so on you'll find a wide range of suitably themed loot bags. But it has to be said that a themed loot bag tends to be a little more expensive than non-themed bags. However, you can still think about the theme simply by choosing the appropriate colour. For example, if you are planning a pirate themed party you may find the black cellophane bag with a tight twist looks remarkably like a sack of treasure. A Dora the Explorer themed party or Disney Princess themed party may well go well with a pink organza bag or even a pink paper party bag.


Would it be easier to have your party bags already filled for you, or do you enjoy going out and choosing items to put inside them? Some people love going out and selecting the individual toys and gifts to put inside the bags. Others prefer to have a suitable selection of toys and gifts already packed inside the bags, saving time and money. We can provide a range of suitable toys and gifts for party bags, and of course we also stock a wide selection of party bags themselves. But we can also provide filled party bags, and if you feel this may be useful then it's another option to consider.


A lot of party bags tend to get thrown away quite quickly after the party. However, you may decide that this is not ideal, and that children may well enjoy being able to keep the bag itself. Of course some of the plastic bags and paper bags aren't going to last for very long, but if you take a look at our tote bags and organza bags you will see that there are party bags available for children to keep for a very long time afterwards. These are bags which actually make good gifts in themselves, and although a little more expensive they are likely to be kept for much longer. We hope these points help you in choosing the party bags for your child's birthday party. But if you have any points to make or any questions please do feel free to leave a comment below and we will do our best to reply quickly.

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