Enjoy a warm Spring and throw an Easter Party

Published : 22/03/2009 14:04:35
Categories : Seasonal Parties

In my family, almost any event can be used as an excuse to have a party. We have a large extended family, and we try to take advantage of any opportunity that we can to come together. As the weather warms up, Easter presents us with just such an opportunity. The kids are out of school, and most of the adults have an extra day or two off. Easter moves around in the calendar, and when it comes late enough the entire Easter party can be held outside.

The adults tend to focus more on the religious aspects of Easter, although things like party supplies, decorations, food of course and the mandatory chocolate eggs never get forgotten. The kids tend to focus more on the party aspects of Easter. The Easter egg hunt is a mandatory staple part of the day. My kids (ages eight and five and a half) are among the younger cousins that get together, but the cousins from their age up to teenagers all have fun with the hunt. Older cousins help the younger ones.

Some of the kids will use face paints, and make themselves up like animals of the forest. This develops into an elaborate game of finding Easter eggs and staying out of the clutches of the wild beasts. Egg hunters will chant, sing, stomp their feet and clap their hands to protect themselves and each other from the animals. Honestly, I don't know who has more fun at this game-the egg hunters, the kids made up as animals, or the adults that get to watch the whole show.

The Easter party for my family is a great time, and is usually the first party of the year where we all get to be outside and enjoy the weather and each other. It is hard to ask for more than that. I can hardly wait! Time to get out the paints and eggs!

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