Entertain your friends with a Cheese and Wine Party

Published : 17/01/2009 19:35:08
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

If you want to have a casual night in with your friends, you may consider throwing a cheese and wine party. Plan for a day that is near the end of the week so that your friends can have as much wine as they like, and on the invites you can invite people to bring a wine of their choice as well. If you are going to conduct your evening more like a wine tasting party, then pick up a bundle of plastic wine glasses.

Obviously, you will also want to purchase some party tableware, such as napkins and tablecovers to protect your table from any little accidents. Your guests may be adults, but once the wine starts flowing they can still get a little clumsy with their glasses. To add a little spice to your evening you may also consider purchasing some table confetti l to sprinkle around the cheese and wine party buffet.

For those who are more familiar with their wines, select a few favourites and add to the wines your friends have brought. You can then remove the labels of a few of the wine bottles, and play a game where guests try to guess the brands of the wines from a list that you provide nearby. The guest who guesses the most correctly can win either the first taste of your best wine, or perhaps a bottle of wine to take home with them at the end of the night. For people who are not that familiar with wine, you may instead have a guessing game towards what kind of cheese there is on the party buffet. Either way, adding a little competition to the party gives your guests something to do and will make your cheese and wine and party stand out from the rest.

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