Entertain Your guests With a Bouncy Castle Party

Published : 18/04/2009 06:02:47
Categories : Party Games and Ideas , Party Planning and Entertainment

Are you having a party for the kids? Is it a birthday party, is it a school's out for the summer party, is it a party for the teenagers? How about making it a Bouncy Castle Party or better yet have the whole venue one big inflatable extravaganza. If your guests are all of similar ages, say pre-teen then a bouncy castle is your answer. They come in all shapes and sizes from a "let's go storm the castle" theme to a Disney Princess Party castle that would work really well if you included in your list of party supplies a variety of Disney character costumes.   If you have a more diverse crowd than just the pre-teens, say a group of families with all ages represented a bouncy castle may not be the only inflatable needed to keep everyone occupied at your party. Try a surf simulator for the teenagers and for the more aggressive young lads a rodeo bull/bucking bronco inflatable will keep them entertained for hours. Obviously most of the attention, both planning and execution will be with the younger kids in mind, costumes and prizes should be bought with them in mind as well and a variety of activities planned to keep them busy throughout the party.

But don't forget the grownups, they need to have fun too and for my money there is nothing better than Sumo Suits. A good Sumo wrestling contest between the adults will have everyone involved and make for some long lasting fun that will have everyone talking about your Bouncy Castle Party for weeks to come.

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