Environmentally friendly Party

Published : 28/12/2008 19:25:19
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

I certainly don't mean to colour everything green, but to simply hold an environmentally friendly party with minimal carbon footprint and maximum recycling involved. The recycling could mean use things again yourself or simply disposing of them in a responsible way for professional recycling.

Similarly try and ensure any food and drink that's purchased for the event comes in recyclable materials or ones that can have other uses. Plastic pop bottles can be recycled or the bottles can be adapted to use as a container for other things. As for the party supplies like banners and decorations, they can be used time and time again!

When clearing the party mess, make sure any spare food is reused or disposed of properly. Nuts and bread can be left out for birds to snack on. Anything that won't be eaten can be added to recycling bins or to a compost heap.

There are not many items that can't be reused or recycled so don't let it spoil your party. Glass bottles and cans go to be recycled as can most paper. Have fun and a great time whatever the occasion and try to aim towards doing your environmentally friendly party bit to the best of your ability.

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