Even the Heir to the throne gets a 60th birthday party!

Published : 18/11/2008 11:30:08
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Everybody has a birthday; the only difference is the size and the rowdiness of the party. Prince Charles recently celebrated his birthday in high style, up at Buckingham palace at a party thrown by Her Royal Majesty (... mummy). The celebrations on November 14th were for his 60th birthday, and a fun filled week of entertainment was packed in.

Mummy really splashed out for her baby boy's 60th this week with a comedy gala night that featured Robin Williams, Rowan Atkinson, and Bill Bailey (my favourite comedian ever!). Turns out the prince enjoys a jolly round of humour, which is good, because at age 60 the greying prince looks more like a king than a prince.   The Queen not only threw a 60th birthday dinner for Prince Charles, but commissioned a 41 gun salute to him at London's Hyde Park. If you live in the London area, it was hard to ignore the fact that the prince was celebrating his birthday, even if the party was just a teeny tiny bit more formal than your normal run of the mill birthday party.

At the 60th birthday dinner party held by Queen Elizabeth, many European royals and many more notable guests gathered to help Prince Charles celebrate his birthday at his dinner gala (I don't know what was served – maybe a curry?). Of course, his two gorgeous handsome sons Prince William and Prince Harry were in attendance to share the fun, Camilla too.

Happy 60th Birthday Charles!

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