Everything You Know About Christmas Is WRONG

Published : 10/12/2011 16:43:36
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Christmas is a wonderful time of tradition, and from those dim and distant days of our early childhood we have grown up loving those traditions, and accepting as fact the many associations the season offers. Unfortunately much of what you know about Christmas is probably wrong, so let's dispel a few of those traditional myths. If for no other reason than providing you with something to roll out in order to liven up the Christmas dinner conversation.

Fact #1: Robins on Christmas cards were included as they have festive red chests, and are most evident at this time of year. Wrong - in fact around 150 years ago robins were included as a joke. Postmen at this time worse red tunics, and were referred to as robins.

Fact #2: The traditional Bible account of the Nativity describes three wise men coming from the east. Wrong - at no point in the Bible does it ever mention that there were three wise men. It simply refers to 'wise men', but doesn't number them.

Fact #3: The Christmas story, as told in the Bible, describes angels singing. Wrong - in fact there is no mention anywhere in the Bible of angels singing.

Fact #4: We all know that Santa Claus lives at the North Pole, which is of course on the northern most continent on the planet. Wrong - The North Pole isn't technically on a continent at all, it's in the Arctic Ocean.

Fact #5: The turkey has always been the traditional English Christmas dinner. Wrong - in fact it always used to be a pig's head with mustard. I have no idea why they ever changed it.

Fact #6: 'Jingle Bells' was written as a Christmas song. Wrong - it was actually written for Thanksgiving originally.

Fact #7: Santa's reindeer are all male. Wrong - male reindeer shed their antlers at this time of year, and so they must be all female.

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