Excuses for a party

Published : 12/11/2008 19:28:53
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Let's face it; you should never need an excuse for a party, because everybody loves a good time! However, some people don’t feel comfortable throwing a party and purchasing a load of party supplies unless they can justify the expense. Not to mention, having a reason makes you feel a lot less silly when sending out the party invitations.

If you are trying to come up with a party idea, chances are there are many opportunities lurking in your everyday life. Actually, if you are an upbeat person you might consider every day a reason to celebrate and throw a party.

This kind of ad-hoc party is usually a hit among single woman who have not yet entered the realm of bridal parties and baby showers. It can also be a great deal of fun for women who are mothers and are fed up with only purchasing party supplies for the kids, birthday after birthday. After all, everyone deserves their own slice of cake and special occasion every once in a while.

If you want some concrete party ideas, you might consider hosting a book party if you're in a reading group when your favourite author is releasing a new novel. Following this, you might host a film premiere night party for you and your friends, for that long awaited movie. Many women had a ball hosting Sex & the City galas before the actual movie release!

For the man in your life, you can always host a party for a football match or other sporting event such Lewis Hamilton winning the grand prix, or as you may remember, when England won the Rugby world cup. In fact, women, who are predominantly the party supplies coordinators and organisers, might take advantage of an upcoming match to get their friends together and let the boys have their fun in front of the T.V while the girls have theirs elsewhere.

After all, your man is not likely to pass up a party for his favourite team, giving us plenty of opportunity to have the girls over without any other distractions for the day.

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