Extravagant Party Bags for A list Parties

Published : 21/05/2009 21:01:55
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

After the Oscars there are several A list parties that have a tendency to last through the night. The top parties are the ones that can attract the most recognized celebrities and to do this there is now a tradition of extravagant party bags for the guests. I mean extravagant, some of these are worth twenty-five grand and up, obviously gate crashers are discouraged. These party bags have everything, designer watches, sun glasses, scarves, perfume, all top label stuff, now that's a party bag.

Some of the participants have invitations to more than one party for the night and I know several of these folks that have managed to snag a hundred thousand worth before the morning light. Now for the rest of us peon's as close as we will ever get to a party bag like that would be reading about it in the morning paper. Who cares! You can create your own party bags with the help of your local party supplies store. The thing to do is create a bag that matches the theme of your party. For instance a New Orleans party absolutely needs Mardi-Gras beads. A Hawaiian themed party must have a lei and if you want to splurge a Hawaiian shirt or sandals would be a great addition. A Wild West party bag could include a sheriff’s badge, a deck of cards, some poker chips and a wanted poster, a wanted poster with each guests picture and a reward dead or alive would be a nice touch.

Kids' Bath time party bags absolutely need a rubber ducky, it's the law. Of course there is nothing against you having one of those A list parties and providing your guests with an extravagant party bag, just make sure to invite me. Some cruise tickets maybe, a Bentley would be nice or a Ferrari....

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