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Published : 12/02/2009 07:33:15
Categories : Seasonal Parties

My wife and I have a large extended family. We often get together informally so our kids, ages five and eight, can play with their cousins. We also have a variety of excuses to get together for parties. Some examples of these excuses include, including birthdays, new babies, days of the week ending in "y". Just about any reason will do. Given all of these other family get-together's, you might think that we would be tired of each other, and have no need to get together for a family reunion party. You would be wrong, at least about the family reunion part.   My wife's cousin owns a tree farm and landscaping business. He has been hosting an annual family reunion party since he first started farming, nearly thirty years ago. Every year a family photograph is taken in front of his barn dressed in party supplies, decorations and banners denoting the year. Some years, party attendance is up. Some years it is down. Overall the photos show a growth pattern, as my wife’s generation has married and had children.

Sometimes there is a theme for the reunion. One of my first reunions featured a Hawaiian party theme. Everyone had to wear a grass skirt. My kids love to see photos of me in mine. There was also a helicopter theme, complete with real helicopter rides. Unfortunately, we missed that one. We instead chose to attend a reunion with my father’s cousins that did not feature a helicopter. Trampolines show up regularly. One year, our host tried a farming theme, thinking he would get some free labour out of the event. It must not have worked, as he has not had that theme since.

Our kids have a blast playing at the farm on every annual family reunion party, and it is fun to sit around with the older family members and listen to their stories. I guess we haven't really grown tired of each other after all.

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