Fantastic Milk Shakes for your Party

Published : 16/05/2009 16:30:07
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The old "soda stream" might be a thing of the past but the good old fantastic milkshake is as popular as ever and as a basic treat for your children's party still can’t be beat for flavour and nutrition. The milkshake has been around for a long time and is basically just milk ice cream and flavouring. If you have a blender at home you have what it takes to make an excellent milkshake, add a couple of scoops of ice cream to the milk and blend until completely combined, now all that remains is to add some flavour, how about dates? Yes dates, I know of a roadside malt shop that has been in business for more than fifty years by specializing in date milkshakes, be sure to peel the skin from the dates before adding them to the blender.

We all know of the three basic flavours, vanilla chocolate and strawberry maybe a little ho-hum; but not so fast, try godiva chocolate or whatever the best chocolate is that you fancy, how about fresh strawberries and strawberry ice cream, how about French vanilla. Is there anyone at your milkshake party that doesn't like peanut butter? Check for allergies first but a peanut butter shake is manna from heaven.

One way to enjoy the many flavours that can be incorporated into a milkshake is to use small party cups for the kids and while they are tasting the first flavour you can be fixing the next one. At least that way if one of the little darling's hates one flavour, it won’t be long before she gets another one to try. And for the adults? Well, the first time the word milk shake was used it was to identify a whiskey drink in 1885, it was more like an eggnog but it didn't have to be. Think I'll just keep the milkshake out of my whisky.

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