Favourite childhood memories of birthday parties

Published : 11/04/2009 18:53:14
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Ask the average adult about his or her earliest memories and the chances are that childhood birthday parties will make the list. Whether you have vivid memories of one of your parties or attending those of friends or family, certain things will stand out; the jelly and ice-cream, the party games, and probably most importantly of all, the cake!

It's an oft-heard truism that "it's funny what you remember" - I for one can still feel the disappointment the descended on me when I opened up the box of my brand-new Walkman, aged eight, to discover a particularly girly-looking pink and white confection in the box that was not what I had hoped for at all...still, the happy memories of birthday parties are the ones that really stand out, and I wouldn't have swapped the fairytale castle cake that my mother baked for my fifth birthday party for all the Walkmans in China!

It's probably fair to say that the things children are most likely to remember about birthday parties are the food, the venue and whether or not they won a prize in pass-the-parcel. There is, therefore, a solid argument for keeping things simple; it's entirely possible that the face-painting corner, the pinatas and the Punch & Judy show will be forgotten within weeks, so don't worry if the highlight of your childs upcoming party are the sausages-on-sticks and the good old-fashioned Musical Chairs and party bags you have planned! Splash your cash on novelty party accessories and party bags and let the kids make their own fun, after all that's really what birthday parties are all about.

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