Favourite Party Pranks

Published : 08/04/2009 12:05:38
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

We all have our share of favourite party pranks. One of the best adult party pranks is the metrosexual party prank stripper. This is really a simple prank and depending on how far you want to push it, you can really get some good laughs, especially when the intended victim is a straight man. This particular party prank is completely inappropriate if there are children at the party. So you might want to use a little discretion before you laugh yourself silly.

For this favourite party prank, you need one male stripper that is willing to strip all the way down, break out some bondage equipment, and even perhaps go for the special toy collection. You’ll need two strippers to pull of this party prank, one that the intended victim would appreciate, like a beautiful woman, and one who shows up in drag. Of course, once the show gets on the road, the female stripper ends up being just the sidekick while the male stripper steals the show. If you got the female stripper to convince the manly victim into a little bondage, the male stripper will have a captive, and embarrassed audience when he takes over. This has become a favourite party prank for college kids and for adult audiences only. Perhaps, in order to flush out some of the embarrassment that your manly victim has acquired, it’s not a bad idea to have a good back up “reward” show for being a good sport.

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