February 15th - Oh What A Busy, Busy Day

Published : 15/02/2013 18:24:27
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Today is the 15th February (you probably had already gathered that) but here's a question for you - what do the following all have in common - a ten pence piece, a maple leaf, Ed Milliband and you? The answer, of course, is February 15th, but let me elaborate a little further... February 15th - Oh What A Busy, Busy Day

On February 15th 1971 the old British currency was officially replaced by decimal coinage. In fact February 15th was Decimal Day, with the shiny new ten pence piece taking its place alongside the other new coins, making it marvellously easy to work out change. Although somewhat bizarrely everyone seemed to be getting a good deal less of it, chiefly because most retailers seemed to take advantage of the currency switchover by raising their prices. One sound argument for keeping the Euro at arm's length perhaps.

On February 15th 1965 Canada officially replaced its previous flag with the one flown today featuring the iconic red and white maple leaf design. In fact Canada is not the only country to use the maple leaf as its symbol, which is understandable perhaps when you appreciate that there are 128 different species of maple throughout the world, including Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. The maple is often considered a symbol of strength and endurance, which is ideal if you want to instil a sense of caution in your enemies. As opposed to suggesting that you're just going to flap a leaf at them.

On February 15th 2001 you were published in the scientific journal Nature. You didn't know? Well, your genome, the genetic sequence billions of characters long which defines you as a human species (assuming that you are human, and not in any way wishing to cause offense to any of our non-human followers) was for the very first time printed in full in Nature on this date. Interestingly today we can print the whole of the human genome, but we still know only a very tiny amount as far as understanding the significance of most of it.

On February 15th 1906 the Labour Party was organised. We're not sure whether under Ed Milliband's leadership the word 'organised' is still relevant. Still, it would seem that in celebration of this tremendous event Mr Milliband blinked twice and asked for another cup of tea.

So there we have it, four quite distinctly different things all happening on the same day. Quite an eventful day in fact. We'd even go as far as to suggest that a party of sorts is called for. Mind you, we think that any day of the week with a 'y' in it is excellent cause for a celebration.

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