Fill Your Party Pinata with Water Bombs

Published : 16/04/2009 13:44:31
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

Instead of the traditional sweet filled pinata, fill your party pinata with water bombs. This is a really fun way to entertain the party troops on a hot summer day and it can be a blast to watch the look of surprise creep across the face of the pinata whackers. If you fill your party pinata with water bombs you have to make a few adjustments to make it all work out. Otherwise you will simply have unbroken water bombs lying on the grass, although a creative group of party goers can still figure out what to do with those.

Choose the smallest water bombs possible. Be sure to fill them up until they are literally ready burst, and then of course you'll want to stuff your pinata full of them. When your party pinata is all ready for action, hang it higher than you would normally hang one filled with sweets. This way one good whack to the pinata will break more balloons and shower more of your pinata participants with a splash down. Any water bombs that remain unbroken can be used for a water bomb fight. Just be sure to clean up thoroughly afterward so that you are being environmentally sound.

The pinata is one of those can't miss party supplies that adds excitement and fun to either a kids party or an adults party. When the water bombs send out a shower of water instead of a shower of goodies, mischief often follows. It's a great way to keep your party goers outside and running around rather than having a lot of activity running through your home. While the pinata is still a staple of childrens party supplies, filling your party pinata with water bombs is a new and fun twist on the old classical favourite. Just keep a few haribo on hand for the child who doesn’t respond too favourably to your funny pinata idea.

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