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Published : 03/01/2009 07:50:37
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A newish trend at some film showings is to hold a film karaoke party; usual films used include The Sound of Music and a Rocky Horror style picture show. The idea is to sing along to all the songs in the film, occasionally with people dressed as certain characters from the films. When shown at the cinema there is often subtitles shown to help everyone along with the words.

For your film karaoke party night you can choose a selection of films, to make it a more varied night. There are many compilation DVD's available with various songs from different musical films. You don't have to dress up but it may help you with the night, a rocky horror picture show normally means everyone in high heels and stockings.

If you choose to cover the sound of music film, then its nuns and fancy dress and German army uniforms, I think you get the idea! No matter what you choose as your film karaoke theme party the fun should be kept simple to avoid an evening of mishaps. Make sure that your party guests are kept refilled with an assortment of party refreshments served up on paper plates; you could even stick in a few scene setters for a more authentic feel.

As an alternative or even as a variation on the night you could perhaps try a quote based film karaoke party. Something like Monty Pythons Life of Brian would be perfect. No one would have to stand up and sing and be embarrassed, as some may be with a musical karaoke evening. It's straight forward, just simply shout out the classic lines in unison. It's a simple evening to set up, it can be arranged in minutes and doesn't have to conform to any rules or money restrictions.

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