First Communion Party

Published : 23/01/2009 18:40:35
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It is hard for me to believe, but my eight year old son is preparing for his First Communion this spring. It is an exciting time for our family. Not just our immediate family, though. We have a nephew who is a few months younger than my son. He lives in the same town as us, and we attend the same church.

There are a lot of kids that make their First Communion every year at our church. The church does two masses, and the kids are divided alphabetically by last name. The first group goes at ten in the morning, and the second group goes at noon. You can imagine what havoc this would cause for our party planning. Family from out of town would want to watch both kids in church, and attend a party for both afterwards.

My wife and sister in law conferred, and came up with a plan. My sister in law will host a party for both boys. They have a large back garden at their house, and we can have one big party there. There was a slight problem with timing, though. My son was assigned to the first group, my nephew to the second. The mothers approached the religious education instructor-both boys are in the same class-and explained their problem. They agreed to shift my nephew to the earlier mass, so that our entire family can go to church once, see both boys, then go directly to the party.

There was, however, a catch. Both priests, and the religious education instructor, are now invited to the First Communion party also. We are near two hundred invitations already between the two families, so if I look at these extra people as a percentage of the total I guess it's not so bad. I do think we are going to need to order an extra 1st Communion cake though!


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