Five Go-o-o-o-ld Rings!

Published : 05/12/2011 12:04:55
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On the fifth day of Christmas my True Love sent to me.... a reminder to make sure I post my cards soon as you know full well what the postal service is like at this time of year. Interestingly, did you know that it was on this day, the 5th December 1697 that the very first Sunday service was held in the new St Paul's Cathedral. Particularly interesting considering the recent disruptions to the services there - who would have thought? Still, it's not for us to judge, and we're certainly not going to 'do a Clarkson'. It says something about you when your name becomes a noun, doesn't it? Party Paper PlatesWith all of the Christmas planning at the moment it's easy to overlook a few basic things, such as glasses and paper plates.

So much of the time over the festive season you have plates of sausage rolls, bowls of nuts, bowls of crisps and plates of nibbly things for people, from lunches and buffets to simple snacks left lying around for people to find and help themselves to. But that's a lot of washing up. Why not save yourself some washing up by using paper plates instead of your normal china ones?

There is a wide range to choose from, and in fact using bright red paper plates and paper bowls the seasonal fair can look very festive indeed. Paper plates can sometimes look a bit cheap, but we don't stock that kind. You'll find our party plates and bowls are very strong and sturdy, and look fantastic with their bright colours. The best thing is that when you're done you can simply toss them in the bin (the recycling bin if you have one) and the job is done. Consider it a gift to yourself, of time!

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