Fix It with A Bob the Builder Birthday Party Theme!

Published : 25/11/2008 13:10:35
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Bob the Builder is an excellent way to celebrate your son's birthday; in fact you will be the awe of both the parent and children communities alike if you can pull this one off. As we all know the children's friendly character from cbeebies is always encouraging children to sing along, and help him whilst he fixes the falling down ramshackle houses.

Boys under 4 simply love bob the builder and you simply cannot go wrong by putting on a few soundtracks from Bobs cd. In fact if your son is an avid fan, your house could very well be a shrine to the children's popular character. A quick hunt around your son's bedroom will have your arms packed full of perfect memorabilia for your bob the builder birthday party.   As the character loves to say, can we fix it – well mummy sure can! You can arrange a Bob the Builder DVD for the kids to watch whilst you prepare the party food. A simple pass the parcel game, along to the themed music cd will be very fitting to the birthday occasion. Last but by no means least you simply can’t afford leave out the Bob the Builder cake. The only problem is when the knife comes out to cut Bob up, the kids might start to cry!

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