Flaming Birthday Cakes - A Few Candle Ideas

Published : 05/06/2012 09:11:42
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Check out our range of birthday candles and sparklers When we're little we love the thought of having more and more candles on our birthday cake, although as we get older they tend to lose their appeal a little. Having several dozen candles wedged onto a cake no longer feels like a celebration, but more like a fire hazard. But perhaps nothing is quite as bad as the cake made by a New York man which had 48,523 candles. It was a Guinness World Record attempt for the most candles lit on a birthday cake. He had a team of 200 helpers to count and position all of the candles, which were then lit simultaneously by a team of 80 assistants using blowtorches. You can see the video below, which should at least make your own birthday cake look a little less alarming.

Of course there are alternatives to traditional birthday candles, and for both children's birthdays and for adults celebrating special occasions such as a 25th wedding anniversary or a 50th birthday, you can use numerical candles, or even numerical sparkler candles. The beauty of using numbered candles rather than traditional straight ones is that you only need two, or perhaps three. Also if you have made a special cake then you may not want to obliterate the decoration or picture on top by wedging in a whole heap of candles. Sparkler candles certainly look very eye-catching especially in a slightly darkened room, and they last for a surprisingly long time, and unlike with wax candles, there is no risk of melting wax dripping onto the cake. After a while the sparklers will simply go out, meaning that there is no huffing and puffing, or leaning over an open flame with long hair in order to blow them out. But if you're looking for something completely different, then have a look at our coloured angel flame candles. We sell these in packs of 12, with a whole variety of different colours. But although the candles look very pretty in all their different rainbow hues, the most amazing thing about them is that each flame burns a different colour. So whilst the yellow candle burns predictably with a yellow flame, the green candle burns with a green flame, the blue candle with a blue flame, the red with a red flame and so on. You can literally have a rainbow of different coloured flames on your cake. Which is certainly something different enough to distract people's attention from the fact that you are indeed another year older.

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