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Published : 15/01/2009 07:47:55
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As much as most people like to pretend the 80's never happened, somehow you hear the Billy Idol lyrics "Shoot 'em down, turn around, come on Mony," and cannot help 'feelin alright' yourself and in the mood to party. This is why if you are planning an upcoming social event from a birthday party or a New Year's party you may want to consider an 80's party theme.

Eighties are one of the oddest time periods for music, fashion, and all things pop culture in general, which is why it can be so much fun to dig out the cassette tapes and relive them for a night. To add even more fun to your eighties party, you might even invite your guests to come dressed as if they were ready for a night out at the pubs, thirty years ago!

To add some fun to your party, after you get the drinks flowing, you may want to pop out a few musical party products like inflatable guitars and inflatable 11 inch microphones, so that your friends can have fun intimating the art of the eighties on the dance floor from Billy Idol to the Go Go Girls to the Clash. If you have a few courageous crooners in your group, you might even get some Duran Duran out on the dance floor!

With such a unique theme, your party will take on a life of its own. Your guests all will no doubt have tales to tell of their younger days, and what (or who!) they were doing when they first heard some of the classic singers you have playing on the stereo.  An 80's party is one night that most of your friends will look back on fondly, perhaps more so then the actual decade its self!

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