Fondue Favourites for Your Party

Published : 17/07/2009 22:17:01
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

A fondue party is a perfect chance to bring everyone together for a night of companionship, fun, and food. Of course, bringing your best fondue forward is a huge part of creating a successful event.

The very basics of fondue would require cheese and bread. Take the next step and add in some prawns, beef, and chicken for the meat eaters and tofu for the vegetarians and you have yourself the beginnings of a good fondue party. The hardest part about bringing all the basic elements together is setting up the party plates and the fondue pots so that people can be relaxed and comfortable during the party.

Start by bringing together a party atmosphere. With colourful party plates, party glasses, and all of your necessary fondue utensils gathered at one common area, you can then direct people toward the fondue area that would best suit them. It is important to keep the vegetarian pots separate from the meat pots, and even labelling them with free standing plaques will be beneficial. In fact, it is even appropriate to note on the fondue party invitations that you will be serving two distinct fondue styles at your party. This is relevant information that is beneficial and can be delivered politely in this way.

Your fondue party should remain as relaxed as possible. Many people find floor space works well for a fondue party so that everyone can go through the motions of cooking in the fondue pot without feeling like the table is getting overcrowded or that there are others waiting for their spot. Fondue parties are social events, and keeping in the tradition of socialization your party should reflect an atmosphere for social eating to be a big hit. Creative use of space can make this happen in a pleasant way for your party.

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