For a change of pace plan a tea party for the ladies

Published : 22/01/2009 06:10:28
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

If you are looking for a great party idea that will allow you to relax with your friends as well as delight everyone with excellent party favors to take home, why not plan a tea and cookie share where the party favors are built in additions.

Before a tea sharing party each guest receives party invitations that give them the time and date of the party. The invitation also informs them that they are to bring six dozen biscuits and six different tea bags (one flavour) to the party with them. (You should change the amounts depending upon the number of guests there are, but ultimately you have them bring half of the amount of guests.)

The great part about throwing this kind of tea party is that at the end you compose party bags out of the biscuits and tea bags that everyone brought so that everybody goes home with a dozen of each kind of cookie as well as half a dozen of the tea bags brought to the party. This way all your guests get to try something new as a reward for the effort they put into creating party supplies.

However, keep in mind that the items the guests bring are for party favours so you will want to provide your guests with tea and biscuits while they are at your party. You will also want to plan party games like guess the tea bag (based on the smell), name games, and trivia games so that everyone is entertained throughout the event.

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