Free Face Painting Guides For Your Party Or Special Event

Published : 22/08/2011 13:13:31
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Children love face painting - it's one of the most popular things for them at parties and special events. From school summer fairs to play centre parties, face painting is a definite winner. But when it comes to birthday parties and other occasions parents often feel that they can't really offer it.

Even for some school parties and fairs which may be run by the parents or PTA there is a feeling that it takes special skill to create the kind of faces which children love. However, the truth is that it's not that hard at all. What's needed apart from a few basic face painting products such as the paints, a few sponges and some brushes is a step by step guide to how to create many of the most popular looks. Fortunately we're here to help, because as well as selling all of the materials you could possibly need, we are happy to provide a whole collection of face painting guides. Free Face Painting Guides For Your Party Or Special EventThese are written specially for those people who may never have even done face painting before, so there's really no excuse! What we have done is to find out from children what their favourite faces and looks are. Not surprisingly the girls all tended to go for butterflies, cats, dogs and tigers, whilst just as unsurprisingly the boys went for either skeletons, monsters or super heroes.

We've then roped in an enthusiastic bunch of children and demonstrated in each of our step by step guides how to create each of the looks by simply adding easy to do layers. Usually it's just a case of applying a foundation colour to the whole face and then adding in little details, each of which is so simple to do. The finished look does look amazing, and very complicated, but really the hardest part is knowing how to start. Well, we've done that for you. Simply choose the guides you like the look of, print them out and have them next to you as you create each very simple layer one after another until the final look is completed.

If you're thinking of offering this as a treat at your child's birthday party, or you would like to offer it at your school's summer fair, then you might find that you'd like to practice it beforehand. Simply get a willing volunteer (child, husband, dog - only joking!) and follow through one of our guides. In fact why not take a look at one now and see what we mean? Creating some fabulous looks is easy when you have a step by step guide to face painting in front of you, with clear, full colour photographs of each step. You'll probably be surprised not only how easy it is when you see the face being painted one layer at a time, but also just how few steps it really takes to create a look that seems quite complicated. After you've done a few you'll start to feel really confident, after which it's another skill to add to your collection! Face PaintsAs well as selling a whole variety of face paints, sponges, brushes and other accessories, and of course our free face painting guides, we also sell a number of books and kits to help you expand your repertoire. So whether you're a complete novice to the idea of face painting or you have some experience and are looking to buy supplies and perhaps gain a little inspiration or a few top tips, then why not take a look and see for yourself?

Our guides to painting faces include a princess, a tiger, Spiderman, a witch, a monster, a butterfly, a skeleton, Fifi (from the TV series), a tropical look, under the sea, a dog and a pirate. All of these are child tested and voted for by children themselves. Face painting is not only hugely popular at parties and special events, but if you're running a summer fair for your school, playgroup, Sunday school or other organisation then it can be a real money maker too. Another benefit of face painting from a parent's point of view is of course that there's no way your child can fob you off about having washed their face before bed!

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