French Themed Party

Published : 06/02/2009 14:05:28
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My wife's sister Tammy is an elementary school art and music teacher. She is a very creative person, and often looks for new or offbeat ideas to entertain her friends with. We told her about a few Mexican themed parties that we had attended. She was also at a Bastille Day party with us where we stormed the house and rescued the prisoners. In the process of freeing the prisoners, we also liberated several bottles of wine.

Her take on these events was to throw a French themed party. To attend, you had to bring a French recipe, and either a French pastry or a bottle of French wine.

  When we arrived at the party, Tammy greeted us dressed as Napoleon Bonaparte. She had the crested jacket, hanging gold ropes, and hat. She handed each of us a glass of wine. Checking to make sure it was ok with the parents, she offered the kids a small plastic glass of wine too. My eight year old son took a sip and spit it out. My five year old daughter drank hers, and asked for her brother's. We know where the trouble will come from in the future.

Mademoiselle Bonaparte the French Themed party hostess offered wine, pastries, and espresso. While the party guests settled in, she went around to several of the children and asked them to get ready. Apparently they had prepared this ahead of time. Tammy explained that they would now dance the Au Dro. The kid's formed a circle, alternating boy and girl, and locked pinkie fingers. They stepped forward, slid left, kicked the right foot up. We were all able to pick it up after watching for a few minutes. She had the entire party join in. This was a fun way to work off the pastries we had eaten already, and make room for more.   One tip, if plan on adding pastries to party bags for guests to take away then learn from this event-don't! They just don't sit well in little plastic bags. Small bottles of wine on the other hand work perfectly well.


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