Freshen up your party buffet by hosting a fondue party

Published : 16/02/2009 13:55:04
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Tired of serving finger foods and vegetable trays for your party buffet? Well if you are looking for a new entre, consider hosting a flashback to the seventies and throw a fondue party. Fondue parties can be a lot of fun, and actually offer quite a variety of options depending on if you decide to serve chocolate or cheese fondue. If you want, you could even throw the ultimate fondue party and serve both!

One of the most entertaining parts of a fondue party is that you get to choose dippers for your guests so they can get their treats or bread slices into the fondue pot. You may choose to use parasol picks if you decide to have a fondue Hawaiian party, or you may simply choose coloured plastic forks that fit your colour scheme. The choice is of course yours, but the dippers are a lot more fun if you provide guests with more than a tooth pick.

Finally, no fondue party is complete without wine or champagne to serve your guests. To minimize your cleanup and to making serving easier in the self-serve atmosphere of a fondue party you may consider going online and purchasing some plastic champagne flutes beforehand. You may even want to look for coloured neon plastic champagne flutes that match your decor and party supplies. Alternatively take glow bracelets and place over each glass for a dazzling glow to your drinks.

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