Friend's reunion Party

Published : 07/12/2008 19:00:58
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Isn't it great how you always read about the friends that met again after 20 years of not seeing one another? Perhaps you spent a few thoughts over the year's wondering whatever happened to your old class mates from school or college. Well instead of thinking what happened to them, why don't you actually find out what happened to them and hold a class reunion party?

You and a group of friends can get together and arrange a class reunion, hunt down all the members of your class and arrange a get together. A great place to do this would be at a local church hall, you could very easily rent the place out. A good idea to break the ice at this party would be to have glasses of wine and snacks that are arranged in a way so that everyone has to bump into one another to get to the food that's on offer.

You will be amazed at this reunion party to find out how people have changed, how many kids they have, who got married and who didn't. And what's more it brings back the memories of the good old school days...or maybe not. It's great to arrange a get together like this at least once in your lifetime so that you can relive your youth.

Everyone could pay for a ticket to the reunion party if the cost is too much for you to bare alone, paper plates and plastic glassess don't cost the earth. A few party balloons create an instant decoration. As for the food, everyone could bring along something to make the buffet selection more interesting, maybe something a little retro that you used to make in your home economics class…..or maybe not. Oh and don't forget to stick up a class photo on the wall and see if you and everyone can recognise themselves....and each other!

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