From A To Zzz - How To Have A Great Pyjama Party

Published : 30/08/2011 20:48:20
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Well, it takes all sorts doesn't it? We've heard of pyjama parties, but today, for the 10th year, people have been stripping down for a 'no pants' day. Fortunately the word 'pants' here is the American version, meaning trousers.

If you used the London Underground today then you'll almost certainly have seen a great many people heading off to work minus their trousers. Do that normally and you'd be arrested, quite apart from any concerns about the fact that stripping off in the UK is hardly advisable given our climate.

But it's amazing just how popular this tradition has become, all across the UK, and even pyjama parties have grown in popularity amongst adults of late. Both children and their parents have been invited to come into school or work in their pyjamas to raise money for charity, although we're waiting for the day when everyone's encouraged to stay in bed all day to raise money for charity. But whether you're thinking of raising money for charity or just having fun, a pyjama party can be great fun.

You may not have the nerve to hold one for the adults, but if you have kids then they'll often find the whole idea great fun. There are plenty of great ideas for theming the whole party to the idea of beds and sleep. Pillow fights, blankets on the floor, popcorn and movies are all great ideas. Games such as hide and seek work well, especially if the lights are dimmed a little and music is playing.

For the more adventurous parents you could easily buy some cheap pillow cases and those art and craft pens which can be used to draw onto t-shirts, letting the children instead design their own pillow case - which they can then use later for a sleepover! As far as food is concerned, one popular idea is to get the children to make their own pizza. Children love pizza, and they love being able to choose what to put on theirs, as well as how it will look.

Just bear in mind cooking times if you have quite a few children coming. If the children are going to be staying overnight (which usually happens with pyjama parties) then you could even introduce craft ideas which require overnight 'setting' or drying'. It's possible to buy a special kind of coloured dough which can be moulded like plasticine, but when left overnight it will harden and set. Children will really enjoy creating their own ornaments, lucky charms, keyrings or toys and then seeing them ready in the morning.

Of course, traditional party games can easily be adapted. For example, musical chairs could be adapted to become Musical Pillows! Just get as many pillows as there are children, and lay these out on the floor, removing one each time the music stops. Of course, sleeping lions is a must, especially as it nears bedtime - although it might be worth checking that the last child left really is still playing the game and hasn't simply dropped off!

If you have plenty of pillow cases, or you can buy a whole heap of them quite cheaply then why not transform Pass the Parcel into Pass the Pillow? Simply wrap the prize inside a pillow case, then wrap that one inside another pillow case and so on, until you end up with what looks like a slightly knobbly and misshapen pillow which is undone layer by layer?

If you have a couple of sleeping bags then why not have an indoor sack race? Split the children into two teams, and give a sleeping bag to each team. One at a time the children have to get into the sleeping bag and then get across to the other side of the room and back - the first team to finish wins! Of course, this game does require a fair bit of space! With a little imagination a pyjama party can be a great opportunity to have a lot of fun.

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