From Horses To Fish - Pet Inspired Birthday Cakes!

Published : 02/06/2015 09:24:19
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It's not just humans who have birthdays you know. And why should we have all the fun of a birthday cake to ourselves?

Many pet owners adore celebrating their pet's birthdays, with presents and even birthday cakes too. In the video below you can see Sarah helping her horse Southside celebrate his birthday with his very own cake. What happens next is hilarious – we challenge you not to smile!

Of course horses are a popular theme for birthday parties, even if you don't actually own your own Grand National winner. Indeed, even if you don't even own your own Thelwell style mule you can enjoy a horse-themed birthday party with one of our equestrian inspired cakes.


A highly detailed horse racing cake with three horses galloping towards the finish line, an ideal birthday cake for any fan of horses or of horse racing.

And… they're off! With this horse racing cake you can start placing your bets right away. In fact we're going to place our bet on the brown horse, although of course with this race it might not be the first past the post who’s the winner, but the last one past the lips!

For children this beautiful pony cake features a close up of a pony's head, and it can be customised to feature any colour combination you like, making it look just like their favourite horse.

Pony birthday cake with highly detailed pony's head, which can be customised to use your choice of colours to look like your favourite horse
This napping pony birthday cake features a highly detailed model of a horse having a rest, perhaps after a happy canter through the countryside or a gallop round a race course.

Once a party is over, or indeed a horse race is finished, a rest is usually in order. This napping pony cake is very popular, and again can be fully customised.

Have you ever celebrated your pet's birthday? From horses to dogs, cats to fish (yes, really!) we'd love to hear about your pet celebrations.

Leave a comment below to share how you celebrate your bet's birthday, or tweet us a photo of them with their cake! You can find us on Twitter or you can send us your birthday pet photos on Facebook

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