From Multiple Personalities (That's What I Said) To Parachutes

Published : 05/03/2012 15:35:37
Categories : Interesting Party Facts , Party Themes and Occasions

Throw your 7cm Parachute Jumper as high as you can, then watch him fall to earth with the assistance of his deployed parachuteApparently today is 'Multiple Personality' day, which according to this website is caused by damaged 'memory filters' allowing personalities from our past lives to enter into our present body. Frankly I'm not sure about that, and to be honest neither am I. Today is also the 516th anniversary of the invention of the parachute (by Leonardo da Vinci no less.)

Before this day people were plopping out of airplanes and making a real mess all over the countryside. However, I wouldn't be too keen on combining a multiple personality with parachuting... "Have you packed your parachute okay Jones?" "No I haven't but I did." "So you're ready to jump then? "Yes, absolutely not." "Right, off you go then!" "Argh....." Actually, mentioning parachutes reminds me of one of the party gift bag toys we stock.

These take me right back to my youth (and mine) when I was happily playing with the exact same toys! These are little plastic soldiers with a parachute attached. You roll the parachute up, and either fling the soldier high into the air, or drop him from the top of the stairs. The parachute opens, and he sails happily down quite safely. They're great fun by themselves, or for competitions to see whose can stay up in the air the longest.

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