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Published : 05/02/2009 13:15:08
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I am a member of a couple of different clubs. While each club has a very different membership and focus, they have one thing in common. Both clubs are always fundraising, trying to raise money in one way or another.

Both clubs use a common technique at every meeting or gathering, and party. It's a fifty-fifty fund raising raffle party. Everyone buys at least one ticket. The more tickets you buy the more chances you have to win. Each ticket has a number printed on it twice. You get half of the ticket, the other half goes into a jar or bag. Once all the money is collected, and the tickets submitted, the jar or bag is shaken to mix up the tickets. A special guest draws a ticket. If it matches your number, you win half of the pot. The club keeps the other half.

Another fundraising party that I attended for one of these clubs was an auction. Everyone brought at least one item from their home as a contribution. The club treasurer volunteered to be the auctioneer. If the item was not bid on by the club members, he would lower the price. When he couldn't lower the price any more, he would add another item. Nobody was allowed to eat until all of the items were auctioned off. Once everything was sold, he marked the end of the auction with his party blowout, and dinner was served.

My least favourite fundraising party was a bake sale held for my son's football team. All the mothers made their favourite recipes. The food was delicious, and I ended up being a major contributor to their equipment fund. My wife urged me to show restraint, but I kept reminding her that I was sacrificing myself for the children. My waistline would have been much better off with a straight cash donation.

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