Funeral Party?

Published : 13/01/2009 13:55:38
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I have been to a lot of funerals and wakes, and they tend to be somber affairs. There are family members that I see at these events that only show up at weddings or funerals, and often that makes for some awkward conversations.  However, I did recently attend a funeral that did turn into a party.

My great uncle passed away last year.  He was the last of my grandmother's twelve brothers and sisters (she was number nine of the thirteen). He was the family patriarch, and even the people who only showed up at weddings and funerals had love and respect for him.

This funeral party was held at the club that he had been a member of for over fifty years. They had the place decorated with a fifties theme, to commemorate the time when he first joined.  Cigars were provided, and the bar was opened. 

Three generations of family told absolutely hilarious stories about this man, his brothers and sisters. In their day, they had owned three bars, a petrol station, and formed a bluegrass band. I still remember hearing them play at family events when I was a kid. Back then, I thought the music was terrible, but now I get nostalgic when I hear it-especially if it is accompanied by horrible singing.

My great uncle's grandchildren put on a play about a Christmas they spent with their grandparents, and how their grandfather topped the tree with a cow because their grandmother had taken the angel to work.  Nieces and nephews picked up instruments and played some of the old music. They actually did a good job of playing and singing, so the younger kids really could not get a sense of how bad the originals really were, but it was great fun nonetheless. I am sure that my uncle and his siblings would have enjoyed this funeral party very much indeed.

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