Funky Hair Party

Published : 07/06/2009 08:49:56
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

How about inviting the kids over and having a funky hair party. This can be a lot of fun for everyone and can run the gamut from temporary styles made by gelling the hair that can be changed back to the original when the party is over, to semi permanent cuts and dyes that last for weeks. If you are having the kids over for a party and just want to make it crazy, you will want the temporary edition, even so you might want to get permission of the parents beforehand.

For the little kids, a bit of gel and some spikey hair will do the trick. You can also get temporary hair colour from your party supplies store. Add a little face paint and you have a success on your hands. For the bigger kids (adults maybe) who won't need anyone's permission, you might want to get a professional to cut and dye everyone's hair for that semi-permanent transformation.

For a party like this everyone knows why they are there and it would be fun for everyone to dress up really wild, and after the makeover head down to the local to celebrate. The styles don’t really matter; they can be anything from fairly subdued to completely nutso extreme. I saw one guy recently that had a Mohawk that was so pointy and had so much hairspray; it could have been used as a lethal weapon.

The point is a funky hair party can be a lot of fun and can represent everything from little kids wanting to enjoy looking a little different for a short while, all the way to some serious life style changes with the object being the next revolution. Might as well invite a tattoo artist over while you're at it you know "down with everybody".

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