Gags to Pull Off at a Party

Published : 09/06/2009 14:04:44
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

My eight and a half year old son recently came back from a birthday party where he learned a few new trick. What types of gags would be most appealing to boys his age? Only the most obnoxious, of course. My son has played on a football team with pretty much the same group of boys for over three years now, and they are all great friends.

A birthday for one usually becomes a party for them all. Such was the case earlier this spring, when Joe turned eight. The list of party gags started innocently enough. Joe has a brother that is three years older than him, so his parents have been through this before. The first gag the boys learned how to do was to use the thumb and forefinger of one hand to make it look like they were pulling off half of the other index finger. It was not a stretch for the boys to go from pulling off half of a finger to a "pull my finger" fart joke.

Joe's older brother joined in and taught the boys how to make noises with one hand in their armpits. What a wonderful lesson! However, apparently the real hit of this birthday party was the gag gift the boys were each given to take home. I learned of it when I came home, and my son very specifically asked me to come and sit in a certain chair. When I sat down, a great sound explosion occurred, and my son nearly fell to the ground laughing. His gag? An old favourite, the whoopee cushion. Joe's parents, people that we know well, and think highly of, gave all of the boys whoopee cushions. The rest of us parents are still cursing their names!

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