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Published : 10/02/2009 13:45:02
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My wife's sister Tamara was over visiting with the children recently. She is an art and music teacher, and loves to experiment with new ideas on our kids. She read about a new paper flower cutout project, and decided that my eight year old son and my five year old daughter would be the perfect guinea pigs.

My wife welcomes these visits as a chance to catch up with her sister. While Tamara instructed the kids on making the paper flowers, she described a gardening party that she attended this past Autumn. In addition to teaching art and music, Tamara is an avid gardener (and amateur astronomer too, but that is a story for another day). One of her gardening friends threw a Share A Seed party.   Guests like Tamara brought their favourite produce from their gardens. Tamara grows both flowers and vegetables, so she brought some of each. In addition to her flowers and cucumbers, she also brought the seeds from each. Flowers brought to the party became table decorations. Vegetables brought to the party became snacks at this gardening party.

Tamara and her gardening friends then shared the seeds from the flowers and vegetables that they brought, while sipping drinks through flowery tiki straws. Every one got party bags to pop their seeds into. Tamara says that even if she never tries to grow some of the seeds she gets, she always learns something new about gardening from these parties.

My kids were quite taken with this story and my daughter now wants a Fifi and the Flowertots party, or a gardening party where they can plant their seeds in pots. While they finished their paper flowers (which turned out beautifully))they both asked Aunt Tamara to bring her favourite seeds with her on her next visit so they could grow flowers and cucumbers, and then share their seeds with their friends.



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