Get Creative With Your Birthday Party Balloons With These Stunning Ideas

Published : 07/08/2010 20:36:03
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What do you get when you cross Puff the Magic Dragon with fifty birthday party balloons? Puffed the Magic Dragon! If there's one task that rarely seems to get people queuing to help out it's blowing up the birthday party balloons. So here's a neat tip to save your breath, and create some pretty spectacular balloon displays. Instead of blowing up balloons, why not use helium? Yes, that's the stuff that's great for doing impressions of Joe Pasquale, and it's also great for making balloons float. Blowing up fifty balloons is not only hard work, but it also results in fifty balloons all sitting in heaps on the floor, or pinned into bunches in the corners of the room.

Helium balloons can be used to create some great displays making your hard work make a real difference. A lot of people don’t realise that you don't have to rely on florists or party shops to inflate helium balloons for you. Just order one of our disposable helium tanks and we'll even throw in fifty high quality balloons to get you going. By tying a piece of string to the balloons you can either give them out to children, who love the fun of a balloon that really floats, or you can get a little creative with displays.

Here's a couple to get you going. Helium Balloon Idea 1 – The Number Display Let's say your little seven year old is, well, seven. Just get a dozen balloons and fill them using one of our disposable helium tanks, (don't worry, one of our tanks is good for at least fifty balloons!) By tying different lengths of string to each of the balloons, and tying the opposite end of the string to a length of wood on the floor you can create a huge number '7' floating against a wall! Just get each balloon to have a slightly longer string than the previous one to create the slightly angled vertical part, and then a row of three or four balloons all with the same length of string to create the horizontal top to the number.

For other numbers, the same idea still works, although obviously some numbers are a little easier than others. If you do this tip, why not send us a photograph of your creation and we'll post it on here so that others can use it as a guide? Helium Balloon Idea 2 – The Archway/Entrance This is a great feature, and is good for weddings as well as birthday parties! Use one of our disposable helium tanks to inflate about 16-20 balloons.

Tie a short length of string (about 6-8 inches) between each balloon, creating a long row of balloons. Try to get the balloons equally distanced, and as close to each other as possible, (you might need a friend to help you with this top stop the balloons having a life of their own, or you could just throw a blanket or duvet over them to keep them down). When you're done, tie a weight to the balloons at either end of the line. What should happen is that the row of balloons will rise up, creating an arch. By moving the ends closer together you can create a taller, narrower arch, ideal for doorways or entrance ways. Alternatively, spread the two ends further apart to create a long, smooth arc of balloons that are very pretty behind the top table at a wedding.

Again, if you try this tip, send us a photograph and we'll pop it on this blog for others to see your handiwork, and take inspiration from seeing just how beautiful this effect is. The one problem with helium is that it tends to escape from balloons faster than air. This is because helium molecules are much smaller than air molecules, and so pass through the skin of the balloon more easily. A great solution for this is to quickly give each balloon a quick coat of our ultra high float solution. It only takes a minute, but makes a huge difference, making balloons last much, much longer. It's what the professionals use – so it's a good inside tip! Whatever creative helium balloon ideas you come up with, please share your tips or photos on here – let's see who can be the most creative!

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