Get creative with your party invitations

Published : 06/11/2008 08:14:06
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Since everybody around the globe is feeling a crunch in their wallets currently, you may find that this year when you are planning a party you may have to cut corners a little. One way in which you can save money is if you design your own party invitations instead of buying them.

There are many programs such as PowerPoint, Adobe Paint, and Photoshop which will let you play with graphics and figures to create your own invitations instead of paying money for shop invitations. In fact, some versions of Microsoft Word even have templates that you can use to formulate the basic outline for your invitations.

In fact, sometimes it is more fun to create your own party invitations because you can customise them to look the way you want with your own photos and graphics. Instead of having to search hard and pay more money to get an invitation that conveys the overall feeling you want your party to have, simply create it with your own words!

There is no end to the different formats you can use to create your own invitations. In fact, you can even create them in different shapes and styles if you wish. Plus, if you have children your guests may enjoy personalised invitations as it makes a lovely change to see a child's piece of art instead of Hallmark's words of wisdom on your card.

If you choose to print out your party invitations, it may be more cost effective to head to your local printing shop to recreate it rather than use up your own ink cartridge. However, this will be dependent on the amount of colour you include. If you allow your children to make cards with cardboard, then simply budget the project into a few days time span so their attention does not wane trying to complete the project all at once. After stuffing the envelopes the job's done, and at a fraction of the usual cost.

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