Get out the face paints to spice up your child's birthday party!

Published : 26/11/2008 14:15:10
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

In the past when money wasn't such a struggle, you may remember going to birthday party's where the parents of the child hired magicians and clowns to entertain the kids. Nowadays with the economy in a freefall crisis, every penny counts!   One great way to entertain the kids that attend your child's birthday party is to provide them with your very own face painting service! Yes, why not mums and dads, search inside for your artistic flair and make a much needed investment of face paints. After all, face painting at birthdays is an age old tradition plus when you're done, the paints will go on and on brightening up many a wet weekend. I’v had my face paints for over 2 years now and like an old faithful car they just keep on going.

You don't need to be a professional artist to let the creativity flow, in fact you could practise 2 basic designs perhaps a butterfly face for the girls and a monster face for the boys. To ensure full child satisfaction simply invite your children's friends around for tea a couple of times and get parental permission to let loose on their face with the colours! As they say practice makes perfect so by making sure that you improve your artistic talent prior to the birthday party, the children will appreciate the very fact that the cool mummy and daddy at the party, made the effort to attempt colouring in their faces!

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