Get the most out of your birthday even if it falls around Christmas

Published : 07/11/2008 07:45:16
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If you were blessed with the mixed blessing of a Christmas birthday, you might find your birthday party planning to be a little harder than most people's. After all, any birthday that lands near the end of December is cursed in general with fewer gifts, since people are less likely to buy you two presents at this time of year. This is one reason why a birthday party is so essential, because you need to get yours snuggly fit into the month of December as a separate event. This is why party products and party bags are so important.

In order for people to view your birthday party as something different from the rest of the Christmas parties they will be attending during the run up to Christmas, you need to purchase birthday party products that stand out. In some ways, the theme of your party is going to denote how people view your birthday in the midst of the largest holiday of the year.

If you purchase birthday party products with a very clear individual theme, people will walk into your birthday party knowing they have walked into an entirely different event than the others they are attending this year. Thus, when they start to look at who still needs a Christmas present, you just may still make the cut!

No matter what theme you choose, make sure that the colours red and green are absent from all your party products. Even the slightest tablecover or napkin choice colour will link your birthday to Christmas in the minds of your attendees. Instead, pick themes that are very far away from Christmas, such as Hollywood or a 50's theme.   Whichever theme you choose, simply make sure you purchase enough party products to emphasise your theme, and draw attention away from your home decor. This is because during the month of December your decorations probably fit more in line with Christmas than anything else, which is one train of thought you want to steer your visitors away from.

In fact, if you want to avoid any Christmas connotations, you might consider renting a banquet hall and simply taking your birthday outside of the home. With a few carefully chosen birthday party products, such as a banner, balloons, party bags, and life sized cutouts, you can easily convince people that your birthday is like anyone else's. This of course, is the best way to make sure you still get to cash in on the two best present occasions of the year.

After all, you deserve to have the fun of planning a party, purchasing party products, and developing a theme as well as anyone else. So do not let the timing of your birthday exclude you from having the same birthday experiences as everyone else. Simply, place Christmas aside for a bit, throw your party a week earlier or later than your birthday, and above all have a great time enjoying yourself with friends and family!

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