Get the party started with a game of Musical Chairs

Published : 30/11/2008 18:27:32
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

Turn back the clock to the days that you were once young and care free. Try to remember all the parties that you attended and the games that you played whilst attending them! Kids just love games; they love to play around, and the more exciting the game is the better the party mood gets to be. Musical chairs are a great way to get the kids into the party cheer.

The game is very simple it involves lining up a row of chairs, turning on the stereo, and of course some hip hop trendy music to get the kids hyped up and in the party mood. The kids have to run around the chairs and when the music stops, find a chair to sit down in. One of the adult meanies will take out a chair each time the music stops, until finally there is only one chair remaining and the lucky kid that gets to sit in that chair is the winner.

What game would be complete without a party prize? And what could be more fitting to give to the little ones as pressies for winning the games, as pocket money toys. Yes you got it, who said that expensive gifts were better? A simple budget pocket money toy will help to make sure that your party doesn't cost the earth and will certainly ensure that your little guests will have a smile on their faces. Oh, and don't forget some haribo sweets to hand out to the kids that didn't win! You wouldn’t want to lose that cool mum image.

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London PR

01/07/2012 16:36:14

It makes a big difference in excitement when you offer prizes for children (and adults!) participating in games. It doesn't matter how big the incentive is as anything seems to help.

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