Glastonbury, Mud, Wellies & Birthday Cakes

Published : 25/06/2015 13:57:44
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Glastonbury Festival 2015 kicks off today, and we here at Parteaz are doing our bit by offering a wide range of music inspired birthday cakes.

So, music lovers, it’s that time of year again. Time to get your wellies out and head off for a little music event , originally called the Pilton Pop, Blues & Folk Festival, but these days known as the Glastonbury Festival, or simply, Glastonbury!

The five day Glastonbury festival has been a popular date in music fans' diaries since 1970, although a series of summer school recitals known as the Glastonbury Festivals ran between 1914 and 1926, run by classical composer Rutland Boughton.

Things have changed a bit since then though, with this year's festival playing host to a myriad of musical legends such as Florence & The Machine, Pharrell Williams, Lionel Richie, The Who and Kanye West ("Ima let you finish but I just got to say is the best birthday cake company there is!")A wry take on Kanye West's famous stage blunder, with a Parteaz twist! Maybe you’re old enough to remember the first of the modern breed of Glastonbury Festivals when, in 1970, the stage played host to icons such as T Rex, Quintessence, Stackridge and Al Stewart. Tickets back then cost £1 (somewhat different to the £220 today!) Music is of course a hugely popular passion with many people, which can make it easier when it comes to planning birthday parties and birthday cakes. Here at Parteaz we know how important music is to many people, and so our cake wizards have designed and created an amazing range of music themed birthday cakes, a few of which you can see below. You can view the full range of our music inspired cakes, although if you still don’t find exactly what you’re after then simply give us a call on 01702 421900 or send us an email by the contact form and we'll be delighted to have a chat with you and develop any ideas you have into a unique birthday cake that will blow the wellies off the birthday star!  

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