Go back to school with a traditional Hen Party twist

Published : 30/12/2008 08:30:37
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If you want to plan a unique Hen party that your bride to be will never forget, why not send her back to school for some education before she graduates to marriage. For invites you can send the bride and her friends notebooks inviting everyone back to their school days one last time, when your largest worries were who was going out with who. For more fun, inform your friends to come dressed i schhol uniform.

To up the ante on your Hen party theme, you can organise your living room to resemble a classroom purchasing a large black board to place at the front of the room. As your guests enter the hen party, a flashing warning sign on the front door with the words "Go Wild Girls" can inform them that this party will not be a typical school day.

A flashing hen night table sign is great to place on the school table as well as hen party confetti to remind your guests they are here for a night of fun. Once everyone has arrived, sit your classmates down and inform them they have four classes before you head out to the clubs to complete your night

You may consider teaching chemistry, math, literature, and biology to the girls for the night, with plenty of hen night badges to award your guests with as they master their lessons. The lessons in fact, will probably turn out to be the highlight of the Hen party.

Get the Hen party started quickly with chemistry, where you have guests draw cards informing them on the proper ways to mix chemicals (sprits) to create wonderful drinks. Depending on the amount of guests, you may have a few girls participate in each lesson so everyone gets a turn. Once there are a fine amount of drink concoctions, you can study math with the drinking dice game learning about probability or give out simple math equations to the guests. Each time somebody misses a question, they have to drink up, or you can allow the first person to answer each question the choice of assigning a shot to whichever guest they like. Literature can be the fine stories of non fiction that come out from a great game of truth or dare cards. Saving the best for last, when everyone is in a great mood, you can bring out an inflatable man doll and take turns playing pin the appendage on the inflatable man for your biology lesson. Once all your lessons are complete, it is time to break out into your party gear awarding your hen with a bride to be sash and hen party flashing Willy Boppers for a tiara.

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