Go crafty to keep young guests occupied at a birthday party

Published : 18/11/2008 14:18:56
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

If you are looking for an entertainment source that will hold your child's birthday party guests captivated, and will not break your birthday party supplies budget, consider going crafty this year. There are myriads of craft ideas that can keep kids occupied for hours that won`t break the bank.

For example, you may have thought of hiring a face painter, but you can save yourself a wedge buying your own face painting birthday party supplies online and then roping in a friend (or your spouse!) to help paint the kids's faces. You can keep the kids occupied after, or before their turn by giving them ice lolly sticks to paint and decorate. For this you simply need to purchase a packet of the sticks (or save your own ice lolly sticks and wash them) and pick up some glue and glitter. Allow the children to glue the four corners together to create a frame, and leave their projects to dry. While they are drying, you can take each child's picture with the birthday child on your digital camera, or a Polaroid, and then tape the pictures into the frame!

This way, each child goes home with a memory of the party that doesn't wash off in the bathroom, and will keep them occupied for at least an hour of the birthday party! Simply add the pics's to party bags or hand out at the end of your party. One word of advice however, children can be quite messy (under statement of the year) so make sure you either station the children outside in the garden to work on their frames, or thoroughly cover your table with newspaper or plastic tablecovers to avoid stains and spills!

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