Go! Go! Go! Get Up Lazy Town! It's The Start Of A Brand New Party!

Published : 23/08/2010 18:48:49
Categories : Party Games and Ideas , Party Themes and Occasions

Go! Go! Go! Get up Lazy Town! It's the start of a brand new party! This fairly manic, brightly coloured and impossibly energetic kids TV show on CBeebies remains as popular as ever, with children leaping about pretending to be their hero Sportacus saving the day.

There's no doubt that LazyTown has been a huge success, and had a real impact on the amount of exercise some kids are experiencing. But when it comes to birthday parties, the fun doesn't have to end.

In fact a LazyTown themed birthday party can be a really great idea, because it gives you a great opportunity to encourage the children to wear themselves out in a variety of LazyTown inspired games. Never mind musical statues or sitting around with music chairs. Why not get the kids involved in more active games such as music jumps or Simon Says, (or Sportacus Says, with different sorts of exercises?) We have a whole variety of LazyTown party products to help banish the gloom of Robbie Rotten!

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