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Published : 14/02/2009 13:40:37
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I have been talking with friends and family about different parties that we have attended, when my wife brought up a bra party. Rather than try to describe it myself, I asked her to do so. It sounds fascinating:

In the past, I was measured and fitted for bras, not too satisfied with the results from different stores. One time, I went into a shop and had two separate girls measure me and got the same result, but the bras themselves were not that comfortable. They fit but still gave me the sense that I was "busting out". My most comfortable bras are my sports bras but these often hold you in and give you the "uniboob" look.   When I entered the bra party I was very relieved that I was not the only woman that had more than a size C or D cup size.

The party hostess had each of us put little stickers on the outside of our jumpers and tops, just at the enter of each or our breasts. This was to show where our current bra was holding our chest. Then, after selecting a couple styles of different bras, some sport bras, some under wire and lace, we went into the bathroom and bedroom to try them on. With your jumper or top back on you could truly see the difference in the new bras to the old bras as to where your chest was placed. The placement of these stickers was a simple and effective way to demonstrate the need for correct support and proper fitted undergarments and bras. The proper fitting, lifts and separate your breasts and even accentuated your waist, making you look pounds lighter.

I thought this was a great description of a bra party (thank you sweetheart!). The only thing she neglected to mention was the cake!

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