Golden Wedding Anniversary - renew your vows

Published : 27/05/2009 20:22:44
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In the throwaway society of today anything that lasts for fifty years is to be celebrated and revered. A fiftieth wedding anniversary is particularly special now and has been a celebrated occasion throughout history, so making your golden wedding anniversary an historical event is simply something that must be done. The colour is gold and the official flower is the violet, so what is your idea, a bunch of violets wrapped in gold ribbon? Hardly, you didn't stay married to your love for that long thinking that way.

If you want to give her something gold how about another wedding ring, given at your new wedding ceremony, you can have the violets decorating the altar while you renew your vows to each other. A day at the spa before the ceremony is a nice touch with an evening in the big city afterwards.

A reservation at the Ritz in London for afternoon tea and tickets to see Mamma Mia or Chicago would round off a perfectly wonderful golden wedding anniversary celebration. If you are getting your vows renewed, perhaps some of the guests could join you in London for a really great party and if you are so inclined why not stay the night and after breakfast, you can head on home knowing that you have given the occasion of your fifty years together its proper due.

If all of this is a bit much, or you don't travel well, a party at home for you and your friends is another popular option. The party supplies are easy, gold accents on a violet table cloth and a cake with happy 50th in golden icing is just the ticket. But really no matter what you do, when all is said and done, your golden wedding anniversary is simply an opportunity to let her know that you would marry her all over again – now that's romance.

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