Grab some party supplies for the games at your baby shower

Published : 16/11/2008 13:23:33
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If you are throwing a baby shower soon, before you head out to the shop to pick up your party supplies you are going to want to make sure you know your complete agenda first. This is because many of the games you may decide to play at your baby shower might include some pretty strange items, in which case you will have to make a special effort to grab them up!

In fact, depending on how crazy you decide to go at your baby shower, your party supplies list may take a little hunting around to complete. For example, if you decide to have baby shower bingo, in which everybody fills out their bingo cards by guessing what items you are going to unwrap, you are going to need some bingo markers! Of course, if you want to get more creative, and budget a little more, you could head to your local party supplies shop and buy little plastic babies to place on the bingo cards. Really though, this is an added expense that could add up very quickly! (Beside this, you still have to be able to afford a present for the new baby – hopefully well after the party has ended!)

You'll also have to head to the supermarket for the food, since you cannot very well invite a large group of woman anywhere without feeding them. Plus you know there will be at least one pregnant woman in attendance who is craving all the junk food she can get her hands on at the party. However, for your guest of honor, you should try to avoid spicy or very aromatic food, because the strong smells could leave her feeling more nauseous than pleased by the end of the party.

Some more popular party supplies you may need to pick up for the baby shower party is baby food for the infamous pass the baby food jar game. The aim of this game is for guests to guess correctly and label the jars of baby food with what they think they really are. If you want to be really complicated, do not hand out a list of possibilities. However, if you expect multiple winners go ahead and give the ladies some choices! The idea is to remove the label and guess the contents of the jar, by looking at it not tasting it of course…now there`s a thought…and possibly a much more interesting game.

Of course, if you are going to have games there are a few more party supplies you have to pick up, the prizes of course!  For the winning guests you might pick up some nice little notepads or stationery sets (if you wish to be hated by your guests and put on the boring list of party hosts), or perhaps something more contemporary like chocolate. Chocolates are also good, as are boxes of/ bars of/ selections of chocolates etc. Never ever ever give dark chocolate – not only is it rude but the act of giving dark chocolate to those you love and care for happens to be highly illegal! Better still, if you only expect one or two winners for your party games for the day, you might consider grabbing something fun like the new Sex & the City movie, after all, even pregnant mothers love commiserating with Miranda while reliving their youths! (over a nice box of choc's)

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